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Custom plugins

Loads of custom plugins and serverside mods.

Player gyms

Player and NPC controlled Gyms and Elite4!

Custom maps

Custom Region maps for the real Pixelmon Experience.

custom rewards

Custom rewards to make the catch them all road a little bit easier.

Minecraft Pixelmon Server

We are a Minecraft Pixelmon server, with custom plugins, a custom Minecraft Pixelmon server Map and a custom Minecraft Pixelmon server experience. 

Next to that our Minecraft Pixelmon server has an amazing playerbase and everyone is welcome to join this community and accept the mission to catch them all!

Also don’t forget to join our Discord server to connect with the community.

Minecraft Pixelmon Server

LogMC Pixelmon is a European Minecraft Pixelmon server. The Minecraft Pixelmon server is based in the Netherlands and the community is build on Minecraft Pixelmon fanatics from the Netherlands to the United States. 

LogMC Pixelmon is not an ordinary Minecraft Pixelmon server, LogMC offers a unique Pixelmon experience. Unlike other Minecraft Pixelmon servers we offer player controlled Pixelmon gyms and elite 4’s, custom Pixelmon maps and a lot of unique features. Join our Minecraft Pixelmon server today and experience the LogMC features yourself.

Community reviews

The power of the LogMC Minecraft Pixelmon server is the community, that’s why we want to share some of their reviews. And yes, we know not everyone likes LogMC but we and the community make sure you will!

lapizgolem minecraft head


“The LogMC Minecraft Pixelmon server community welcomed me with open arms and I never left after that! Wonderful community”

Cryolite Scythe playerhead


“Unlike other Minecraft Pixelmon Servers, LogMC offers a unique user experience and loads of amazing features”

PG_freeze playerhead


“The LogMC Minecraft Pixelmon server has so many challenges, even after beating the E4 I still have a handful of goals!”

Join the LogMC Pixelmon server

How to join?

Interested in joining the LogMC Minecraft Pixelmon server? Don’t hesitate, just join! Not sure how to install the Pixelmon mod? Check out our guide. We are happy to help you out.

Where can I get Minecraft Pixelmon?

To join a Minecraft Pixelmon Server you will need to download the Minecraft Pixelmon Reforged modpack. We have written a extended guide which describes how to download, install and use the Pixelmon Modpack.

What is Pixelmon?

Minecraft Pixelmon is a mod for the sandbox game Minecraft which combines Pokemon and Minecraft. LogMC is a Minecraft Pixelmon server where you can battle gyms, the elite 4, other players and much more!

LogMC Information

You can join the LogMC Minecraft Pixelmon server right away after downloading and installing the Minecraft Pixelmon modpack. The LogMC Minecraft Pixelmon server ip is the following IP address:


Support the server and get amazing rewards!

Staff team

Running a Minecraft Pixelmon server is not an easy task. It requires both Minecraft and Pixelmon knowledge. We are proud of our Staff team and are happy to display them. Do you think that you are an addition to the Staff team? Send your Staff application in our Discord server.















Join LogMC Pixelmon You won’t regret it!